Vila Real

Vila Real


The city of Vila Real

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City center

I am indebted to this city – it is the district capital that I least know. I recently tried two visits, both, due to travel circumstances, arriving in snow or at night, only in this case getting a glimpse of the city center. It continues on the agenda, and being in such a beautiful area, it may happen soon.

Shopping Maria do Carmo – Restaurante Residencial

Vila Real
Maria do Carmo
M. Carmo

Located in the outskirts of town, more exactly in Abambres, Maria do Carmo was our choice to dinner. The menu was very inviting, and I chose slices of veal that “forced” me to eat the double that I should.

Everything was delicious, but the cabbages were heavenly.

The price was moderated and we left pleased enough to spend several minutes in town, while waiting for digestion.

Address; R. Gaspar Sameiro 761, ABAMBRES     Phone: +351 259 322 407 in Facebook

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