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Planning trips in Portugal

Plan portugal

Portugal – Travel suggestions It is possible to appreciate Portugal using only public transport, however, some of the most precious places only have one or two daily connections (or less) making time management difficult or forcing the use of taxis. Rent-a-car is the ideal solution, and the freedom it gives allows us to suggest a variety of programs, easy…

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Mateus – 1st visit

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Mateus palace I don’t know if it was the town that gave the palace its name or the other way around, the truth is that in terms of tourism today everything boils down to the palace, its gardens and the highly reputed rosé. Visiting the palace is expensive, and the lack of parking helps to limit visits. It is…

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Cabo Espichel – 2 quick visits

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Sanctuary of Our Lady of Cabo Espichel At the tip of the cape, near Sesimbra, a place of pilgrimage grew over the centuries, which at the beginning of the 18th century became a large sanctuary. It fell into disuse, and today it is only used in some annual events in some nearby locations. Trying to give life to the…

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Escaroupim – nice

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Minutes in Escaroupim In a somewhat remote area on the south bank of the Tagus, accessible by secondary roads, there is a small village, where the river and its islands provide a landscape of great beauty.The village was created around 100 years ago by a group of fishermen from the beach of Vieira de Leiria, who went there in…

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