Mosteiros – 2 visits, 2 good lunches


Natural pools

Beach in Mosteiros
The coast

One of the main attractions in Mosteiros is its natural swimming pools. These pools are formed by volcanic rock formations and filled with seawater. Remember to check the tides and be cautious of the sea conditions before swimming.


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The beach

Besides the natural pools, the village also has a black sand beach where you can relax and enjoy the ocean. The beach is surrounded by impressive cliffs.

Rock formations

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The rocks

As a matter of fact, those rock formations are the strongest image of the village, visible from distance when we approach it.

The village of Mosteiros

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Band stand

The village is rather common, though well cared and maintained. The center is a small square, dominated by a band stand and the church.

Mosteiros 4

Positive impression Américo Barbosa

Américo Barbosa
Eat mosteiros
Eating in Américo Barbosa

Positive impression Simple restaurant, friendly service but not very dynamic and efficient, with very tasty food, in adequate quantity and at a reasonable price.

The most famous dish seems to be the grilled limpets and I was willing to try it, but I didn’t have company and gave up.

I didn’t regret it anyway.

I recommend Brisa do mar

Brisa do Mar

Located near the northern end of the village, this restaurant can go unnoticed as it looks like an ordinary villa, without any outside advertisements. Only the wide terrace reveals its commercial objective, but, empty, due to the uncertain climate, it too becomes discreet.

The menu is simple and short, but the food was good quality and plentiful. The service was okay, and the price too.

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