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Planning trips in Portugal

Plan portugal

Portugal – Travel suggestions It is possible to appreciate Portugal using only public transport, however, some of the most precious places only have one or two daily connections (or less) making time management difficult or forcing the use of taxis. Rent-a-car is the ideal solution, and the freedom it gives allows us to suggest a variety of programs, easy…

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Switzerland in general


Switzerland in general Only a couple of quick passages in this country were not enough to have a clear idea about the country. A brief stop in Lugano and Lausanne (discovering that, in a garden where we stopped to stretch the legs almost everybody was speaking portuguese) , a night slept in Genève after a typical fondue, with a…

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Canada – just 1 good visit

Visiting Canada

Visiting Canada – A tasty aperitif I’ve been in Canada just once, as the final part of a circuit that took me from New York to Washington, Harrisburg, Corning, Niagara Falls, and finally Canada. My short visit allowed me to see Toronto, Quebec, Montreal and, in the rural area, a maple syrup producer farm and a winter resort in a beautiful mosquito lake. ​Montreal ​Montreal left me the sensation…

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