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Europe peaks

Travelling in Asturias One of the provinces in Spain most favored by nature, it joins to breathtaking landscapes some towns of surprising beauty. Covadonga Immortalized in history for being a landmark in the Christian reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula, Covadonga is today an important tourist destination, as it has become a place of pilgrimage. Europa peaks If a monastery…

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Azores – 3 great visits to 2 islands

Lagoa do Fogo

Nine islands – What to visit in Azores? The archipelago has nine islands, and experts say they are all different. We don’t have the experience that allows us to take a position, but we have no doubts that the first option will always have to be São Miguel, the richest and most varied of all. Angra do Heroísmo places…

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São Miguel – 2 different great visits

Vila Franca do Campo

Exploring the island Ponta Delgada, the capital of the island, is strategically placed so that it can function as a place to stay, while touring the island, in two alternative circuits that allow you to travel along the entire coast, with incursions into the interior to explore the places of greatest interest.That was the solution on my first visit,…

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See California


​See California I made my first (and last, till now) trip to see California in my 2004 holidays, for the first time without the boys. To fight jetlag, we spent 2 days in New York in both directions. From there we flew to S. Francisco, where we rented a car in the airport, to go to town. With my…

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Coruche – A stop after 10 minutes dancing


Dance in Coruche Dozens of times I passed through this land, always with a distant destination, leaving little time to look around. One day, a dance championship was scheduled there, and I thought it was the opportunity to go for a walk – nothing done, the schedules did not allow it.All that remains is the idea that the spaces…

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Viseu district in 3 quick visits

Viseu district

​ Viseu district in general This is one of my less visited districts. I noticed that Viseu is a fast developing town, Tarouca has an interesting monastery, S. Pedro do Sul a spa, and beautiful Lamego a charming church watching the town form above. Honestly, until recently, I never found a reason to GO there, and passing by was always rather quick. ​It was easy…

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Vila Real district in 2 quick visits

Vila Real district

​ Visiting Vila Real district in general Vial Real was, with Viseu, Viana do Castelo and Bragança the districts I badly visited. I had to put an end to it, and recently I made two express trips to this district. From Montalegre, in the remote northern end to Pinhão, by Douro river, I was surprised by several unknown places, like Meixedo, Padornelos, Provesende…

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Viana do Castelo district

Viana do Castelo district

​ My preferences in Viana do Castelo district: ** Very interesting:     Viana do Castelo     Ponte de Lima     Monção* Interesting:     Ponte da Barca     Lindoso      Arcos de Valdevez     Valença do Minho With time:      Caminha, Melgaço, Sistelo ​Minho River Smaller and less promoted than Douro or Tejo, Minho, the river that separates Portugal from Galiza, in Spain, provides here and there wonderful landscapes, and good nautical sport’s facilities. Caminha The mouth of…

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Setúbal district

Setubal district

​ Visiting Setúbal district My preferences: *** Not to be missed:    Arrábida  ** Very Interesting.    Sesimbra, Palmela, Setúbal    * Interesting:       Alcácer do Sal, Cabo Espichel, Sines, Santiago do Cacém,         With time:    Almada, Alcochete, Caparica, Melides, Grândola, Porto Covo

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