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Out of scale – painful


Out of scale Twice I felt “out of scale”, which means obliged to calculate distances, understand volumes, manage times, outside my common standards.It happened on my first visit to Morocco, where the smallness of the Fes medina gave me that feeling, and in Florida, when for the first time in my life I drove an automatic car, on the…

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Visiting Azores

Lagoa do Fogo

Visiting Azores Nine islands – What to visit? The Azores have nine islands, and experts say they are all different. We don’t have the experience that allows us to take a position, but we have no doubts that the first option will always have to be São Miguel, the richest and most varied of all. Angra do Heroísmo places…

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São Miguel – Western coast

S?o Miguel

São Miguel – Western coast It’s easy to travel the entire west coast of the island in just one day, departing from Ponta Delgada, and with frequent stops at one of the many viewpoints and points of interest. From south to north, here are some of the most interesting places to visit. or complaints. Feteiras Ponta da Ferraria Várzea…

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Eastern coast

Vila Franca do Campo

Eastern coast of São Miguel Going around the eastern tip of São Miguel island takes a little longer than the opposite side, but it allows you to reach some spots of rare beauty. Reaching Povoação is an arduous challenge, as the road moves away from the coast on both sides, and is subject to the constraints of the mountain….

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See California


​See California I made my first (and last, till now) trip to see California in my 2004 holidays, for the first time without the boys. To fight jetlag, we spent 2 days in New York in both directions. From there we flew to S. Francisco, where we rented a car in the airport, to go to town. With my…

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Eating in Blue Hole

Blue Hole

Eating in Blue Hole – a nameless restaurant Blue Hole is a perfect place to snorkel, only a few quilometres from Dahab, in a place missing support for tourists. A few wooden structures try to solve the problem but in very bad conditions. For instance, the “nameless restaurant” where we were taken had no toilet. The ladies were invited…

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Visiting Dahab


Visiting Dahab I passed by Dahab, in my first visit to Sinai, while returning from St Katherine. I only retained the idea of a touristic street with restaurants lining a bad beach, where we had a reasonable lunch. I went there again to discover its actual main attraction – diving in Blue Hole. We arrived later, only with time…

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Memories of Madeira

f1050011 resize 6

Memories of Madeira Eternal Beauty Madeira suffered a lot from strong flooding, but it was almost recovered in my last visit. I want to state my solidarity to the people, and my absolute confidence that, in a couple of weeks, as soon as the mud will be removed, the beauty of the island is glowing again. ​PS I had…

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