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Top art


Top art selection:

Top art is a selection of some of the most interesting visits in the artistic point of view


Everywhere we can find creations that reinforce the pride of belonging to the human species. The most visible of the areas where this creativity shines is architecture. Traveling is to come up with bold or surprising solutions, displaying the tastes of each culture and the versatility of the various technologies. Below are some of the best examples that we have come across in our travels.

Sculpture and painting

Sculpture and painting are the traditional plastic arts that drag millions into museums. Although the most suggestive pieces are in the public domain, as a consequence of their media exploitation, the face-to-face encounter with the originals always implies a special emotion. a short selection of works and museums that we had the privilege to see.

Other arts

Even in the most common activities, the taste and the imagination can put us in front of creations of surprising beauty and / or technical exigency. A glance at this beautiful world of everyday life.

Other opinions:

According to Bucket List Travels these are the best destinations to see art (with links to our pages):

This is a selection based in museums, but our criteria of top art is wider, and we may enjoy it also outdoors.

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