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Top places

Top places is just a selection

Among the more than a thousand places visited, some stood out from different points of view. To make visiting the site easier, we have selected the best ones according to some of the most common criteria.

Top Art
Top art selection: Top art is a selection of some of the most interesting visits in the artistic point of …

Top art

Top Beaches
Top beaches in the visited world: This is a very subjective matter, but we try to help selecting the top …

Top beaches

Top Cities
Top cities under 3 different criteria Selection of the top cities according to 3 of the most common criteria: Big, …

Top cities

Top landscapes
Top landscapes Luxuriant Desert Human’s hands Other opinions: In Lonely Planet “Ultimate travel list”, with links to our pages: 4 …

Top landscapes

Other opinions:

According to Forbes, these are the top 20 touristy destinations (with links to our related pages):

Of course, Forbes is always invited to visit Portugal and to improve their top places list.