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A secret

Passadi?os do Paiva

A secret Saving efforts The pleasant walk along the walkways is made difficult by the need to climb about 100 meters at about 2 km from one of the ends.There is a solution known by the locals: At the top of this climb is the ticket office, with discreet access for cars, but no parking. The trick is to…

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Gasoline & Diesel prices

If any visitor is planning to rent a car in Maputo, this following information might be helpful. On January 23, 2007, gasoline & diesel prices in Maputo were: ~ Gasoline ~24.30 meticais per litre. ~ Diesel ~24.50 meticais per litre. Prices for both gasoline and diesel are approximately €0.74 euro cents or $0.95 US dollars per LITRE. Or approximatelly $3.5 USdollar cents per GALLON.

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Driving around Alcobaça


Driving around Alcobaça Going North Leave Alcobaça towards Leiria, and, after 7 kms, stop a couple of minutes in Aljubarrota, to ear the funny story (not for 7 Spanish soldiers) of the “padeira”. Continue to S. Jorge, where you may visit the museum of the most celebrated battle in Portugal. Proceed to Batalha, and dedicate a reasonable time to the monastery…

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Moving in Funchal

Pico do Areeiro

Moving in Funchal The island is small but provides different landscapes. The best way to see them is to rent a car, as we did, but taxis are prepared to negotiate daily and well planned trips, acting as guides. ​The changes in the weather and landscape in minutes, as we climb moving between northern and southern sides, always surrounded…

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Memories of Espinho


Memories of Espinho Espinho Media Center Espinho is not a “Son of a lesser god”, and it had also the right to get its white elephants. ​Media center, is a huge and ugly building in the noble area of the city, and, in my ignorant opinion, it is perfect to play that role (white elephant). Pavilion A large and…

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How to Understand Portugal


Portugal is a small big country. Small because you may cross it from north to south in 6 hours and east west in 3. Big, because it can provide interesting motifs for all kind of visitors, and, with everything at a short distance, surprise with its contrasts. In these pages I will collect my experiences in my country, trying…

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Búzios Info

Buzios by solopes

Búzios info – Choose your beach Búzios is a peninsula, with beaches all around it (26 I think!), suitable for all the tastes, except for those who like cold water – we don’t. So, in the few days we spent there, we tried several places, all reasonably warm (considering that we were in winter) and, with ease, visited all…

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Nature in Porto Galinhas

New York

The path of the shades The sun is severe, the mandatory stay in the pools will burn a little more our clear skin, and all the resources are useful to extend protection as far as possible. The empty umbrellas spreading close to the water compose a precious path barefoot to and from the sea, and allow funny perspectives of…

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India’s priority

India 8

   Priority For a western visitor, used to give priority to his right, with signposted exceptions, it’s hard to understand traffic in India, but things do work there, and after some days you’ll be able to understand the complex order that goes like this: 1 – The cow (absolute and divine priority)2 – The elephant (almost like it)3 –…

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Visiting Montreal


Visiting Montreal Just one day in Montreal, and a great wish to come back. My wife hates cold weather, but what I saw and learned (in August) made me believe that Montreal must be one of the best places to live winter. ​Canada seems to have achieved the balance between richness and social justice, and everything in it is…

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