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Cheese factory

Vaquinha factory It seems to be a must for all tourists to visit the Vaquinha cheese factory. It was a disappointment, as the “visit” to the factory did not go beyond a distant glance through translucent plastic.Anyway, the trip was worth it because the cheeses are really good, and the landscape is not far behind.

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Alheiras It is impossible in Portugal to talk about “alheiras” without immediately attaching an origin – Mirandela. It will not be the only producer, but it is certainly the most reputable one, so the rule is simple: visit Mirandela and return home with a bag of this delicious sausage.

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Beluluane shops

Typical Local Shop Rustic & small local shops are widely being seen in the area. One may count by the thousands these types of shops !! No doubt that locals struggle to push for their domestic economy. Picture on this Tip is the young lady Quiteria, 8, third grade on the Elementary School. Since it’s December, she’s now enjoying…

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Shopping in Beijing

Beijing by solopes

Shopping in Beijing – A chance to Learn The trips to the Great Wall and tombs always include a stop in a jade factory (I read it in VT prior to go, and… got it there). The usual quick look at some people working (nothing new, I had already seen it, in Thailand, or India, or… both), and a…

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Shopping in Guilin


Shopping in Guilin South Pearls Museum HELP! The word came to my mind, but didn’t reach the mouth, when we were received by 5 elegant girls, modeling… pearls. A rational analysis gave me some tranquility:” I’m with Americans, so, THIS TIME, someone else will pay the show. I will escape!” Pure illusion! THAT necklace was… inevitable. Hope again: the…

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Craft surprises


We took a boat trip across the bay, along the mangles, to Coroa do Avião islet. Without notice nor request, we were stopped, to visit a craft shop.  No problem, no one pressed us and we are used to it, but didn’t expect it in such a “private” transportation. Tourism traps are spreading also in Itamaracá. Though taken by…

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Shopping in Bled


Shopping in Bled Simoncinka -Small but nice mall Of course, Fernanda, in Bled as anywhere else, needed desperately something that (I think) she didn’t buy but justified a visit to the shopping mall. Don’t ask me about the shops (that’s up to her), but I didn’t bother too much, with the splendid views from its open space.

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Adapted market This time the mountain was closed due to a recent snowfall, and Lagoa Comprida was the highest point that we could reach. ​We used the time browsing the local stall and noticed that, in a tight space, they have everything to make us feel… comfortable, from leather jackets, caps or gloves, to the excellent local cheese or…

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Shopping in Xian

332 xian n 121

​Shopping in Xian Who knows ? (maybe Travelchinaguide): All at Once Right inside Xi’an, the visited factory (I couldn’t read its name) is clearly tourist oriented, but it was a good choice. In a single pass you may see the work in most Chinese crafts, from silk to wood, and… buy them. Or to check the qualities and prices…

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