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Dinner at Tanque To kill our homesickness we went to Benidorm for dinner. A beer-friendly restaurant was not our purpose, but the location, close to Festilandia, and kid-friendly menu convinced us.No one drank beer, but the dinner was good for both the quality and the price.

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Eating in Playa de San Juan


Eating in Playa de San Juan We should spend one year eating in Playa de San Juan to test half of the restaurants. This is what we could do in a single visit. Take away from Palapa Right in front of our exit to the beach, this restaurant advertised as “oriental” offered take away.We had lunch, with an assortment…

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Topo Gigio

Topo gigio 1000

Topo Gigio An Italian restaurant is always a good option when travelling with children. It wasn’t too early, there weren’t many people, so it was our choice in Alicante.The service was very slow – few people were there but only one employee.Nothing to say about the food – I was hoping for a risotto, there wasn’t, I switched to…

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El Volante

Moraleja 1000

El Volante restaurant Moraleja would have been just another passing town, had it not happened to coincide with lunchtime.Google maps “sent” me to Casa Puja, but it was closed, so some locals recommended this restaurant to us.Everything has been really good!The atmosphere was popular, almost familiar, we had two delicious starters and excessive main courses for those who would…

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Eating in Toledo

Nino malo 0

Eating in Toledo Niño Malo In the most frequented area of Toledo, a square was completely occupied by an esplanade. There were several free tables, giving the idea that it would be easy to install our group of 7 people. We discovered that there were 3 restaurants occupying the square, a row of tables for each one, none with…

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Visiting Tarragona


Visiting Tarragona Corsini square Rambla Nova Stretching over a quilometre, the city’s main avenue naturally concentrates the largest number of stores and, at night, the largest number of Spaniards strolling in the fresh air. Modernism Roger de Lluria Balcon del Mediterrâneo A long viewpoint, running along the sea, 40 meters high, is an obligatory meeting point for all visitors….

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Visiting Pinhel


Castle of Pinhel On a very busy visit to central Portugal, this was the stop chosen for lunch. Time only for a visit to the castle, which doesn’t seem to care much for tourism, which is still in its infancy in the area. It’s interesting, and it will get better! Petisco A huge restaurant advertising regional food captivated us….

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Eating in Santiponce

Santiponce rest

Eating in Santiponce Casa Venancio After “grilling” on the visit to the ruins of Santiponce, any place with air conditioning would be paradise. Due to its location and easy parking, this restaurant was the natural choice. Some confusion, but the food was acceptable and lived up to expectations. Nothing memorable or reprehensible, it will fall into oblivion.

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Praia da Vieira

Praia da vieira

Praia da Vieira A wide beach, with efficient infrastructure, sharing the usual conditions of the Atlantic coast. It is an essentially residential beach, which even at the peak of the season does not suffer from the bottlenecks of other more popular ones. O Coelho There are many people from the region who go to this beach expressly to eat…

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Eating in Azenhas do Mar

Azenhas rest

Eating in Azenhas do Mar Azenhas do Mar restaurant With a privileged location that allows them the exclusive service of the oceanic pool of Azenhas do Mar, that is the ex-libris of the locality, it bets on well-prepared fish dishes.We were there in winter, and the sea roaring at our feet makes the pleasant interior atmosphere more welcoming.The price…

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