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Night in Yangshuo


Cormorants Cormorants play a very important role in Li river, catching fish. With a ring around their neck they dive and catch the fish, but can’t swallow it, so after a couple of divects the s, the owner, picks them and collects the small fishes, and the ende retirng the ring and allowing the animals to eat some of…

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For the night

Photo of guilin

Minorities show Gold Coast Cultural Exchange Co Close to the hotel we had, included in our travelling package, a show of the ethnic minorities. It was totally different from the previous shows in Beijing and Xi’an. We were in a common theatre, with a popular audience, talking and laughing during the show, only missing… the popcorn. More visual and varied than the…

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Nights in Sharm-el-Sheikh

Pasha Sharm

Pacha Sharm We had a free entrance to Pacha Sharm, and used it. Maybe because we arrived and left early (past 2 AM!) it was almost empty. I saw that the room is adaptable, and though a large space was out of use and wisely covered the sensation of emptiness was dominant. The music is… the usual electronic hammer,…

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​ Gambling and ShowI’m not a gambler and each time I visit a Casino I plan in advance the total amount to spend by each member of the family. I’m glad to notice that everybody, even the boys, accept it naturally, and have no temptation to risk one more cent. That kind of discipline and concept of the games…

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Nights in Benedita

​ Bars​Benedita has several bars. As a hub of the regional education system, hundreds of students (and other) gather in weekends in and around bars, in a lively night. The top of the nightly events happens during Carnival – Monday night, thousands fill all the streets in the centre of town to a parade, and the amusement continues all…

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Jazz in New York

Blue Note ​Blue Note: Jazz  I am not an expert in jazz, but a visit to the USA would be incomplete without a night with jazz. It happened in Blue Note, Chick Corea’s club. Not cheap, almost one hour waiting in the lines, but we got a table, a drink, and… jazz. We had to book in advance (I…

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Night tours

Night Tours Our package, in some towns allowed an extra, called “Night tour”. As the day was almost lost because of the rain, we decided to go (as a matter of fact we always use to go, no matter the rain or the sun…or the price).  It gave us a different approach with the whole exhaling tranquility in contrast…

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Petra’s nights


​ It was fun, the popular festival in the streets of Petra, in a warm Friday night.  Though mainly male (naturally… it’s a Muslim country), the occidental women were well accepted, even by the Jordanian women smiling from their discreet chairs in the back.  Sympathy and security were always present. Fernanda had her great day. She was happy and…

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Sandy Bells

Live Music​I tried, but couldn’t find any folklore show while we were in Scotland. I love Scottish dances (I know some of them), and would like to see them danced in location, but… no chance. The best that I got was the information that somewhere, there was a bar usually with live amateur music.I found it, and had a…

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Live music and dance It was nice, the couple of hours spent in this large bar, listening to popular music and seeing folk dancing, in the company of a Guinness. Not expensive, maybe a little… touristy, but it was exactly what we had in mind when we decided to enter. Directions: It located right off Merrion Square on Lower…

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