Moving in Thailand


Transports Moving in Thailand

Left hand driving

Moving in Thailand
Moving in Thailand – Bangkok

Before leaving to Thailand I considered the option of renting a car, to travel around.

The first sight of the local traffic immediately forced me to give up.

​Driving on the left it’s tricky for us, even in a disciplined western country, but here, the permanent jamming of the main avenues and the confusion out of them, advice one single solution – no matter what your plans were, get a local driver, as we did.

Transports Tuk tuk

Tuk tuk
Patong by solopes

My previous idea was to rent a car in Phuket, to visit the island; upon arrival, and watching the traffic, I decided not to risk, and to use public transportation.

Tuk Tuk was a wonderful solution: we were seven, but that was no problem, and it was quick, cheap, available everywhere, adapted to the weather, and all the drivers we met were nice guys.

​We used it everyday and everywhere.