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When we think that we have already seen much, it is advisable to look at the terrestrial globe, and confirm the smallness of our knowledge regarding the dimension, diversity and wealth of the world.

To record observations and experiences is a resource that allows us to systematize observations and preserve memories. This is the purpose of this work, for technical and practical reasons distributed by four groups of registers.

From Portugal, where I was born and live, I have a privileged knowledge, which justifies an individualised treatment, the same happening with Spain, where the smallest experience is counterbalanced by the greatest dimension.

Then, broadening the perimeter of life, Europe emerges as the natural enabler of this personally lived world.

The rest of the immensity is here, in a record that covers my travels to Africa, Asia and America also  gather all the visited places and scenes that deserve to be remembered.

Hope that the benefits to those who risk to read, will match the pleasure that I feel in remembering these places, people and situations. A few complementary notes may be found in Travelinol.

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