Zwiesel – 1 freezing visit


To see Zwiesel

It was hard to find this location in VT when I firstly wrote about this place, almost as hard as to reach it, under a (for me) dramatic weather of many negative degrees.

​That’s the reason why, for the moment, Zwisel, for me, is only glass and freezing cold.



I went to Zwiesel in deep winter to visit a glass school. I came back with the (wrong, for sure) idea that the city is ice and glass (school and factory).

The school is modern, well organized, and glass is always a beautiful performance.

​Go and see, for yourself in Zwiesel or in… Marinha Grande.

Train to Prague


No, I will not be able to fully describe the sensation, but I’ll try to: Dark morning, freezing weather, heavy buildings, few people, walking on the snow to pick a “prehistoric” train… where does this fit in a “Mediterranean” mind?

​I felt like entering the old movies about the war, or the communist times, totally out of my reality.Well, the train did work, slowly until Klatovy Vary, normally from there to Prague, and the trip became a good experience (and memory).

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