To see Visiting Zaragoza

After several trips to Zaragoza with no time to stop, the day has come to schedule a visit.
It was a very brief stop, conditioned by the presence of two children, but it was possible to appreciate the essentials of the city.

Our Lady of Pilar

Zaragoza 1
Zaragoza 1

The most impressive monument in the city is the monastery of Senhora do Pilar. Due to its beauty, size and location by the river, it is a real charm for good and bad photographers.
Unfortunately, there was no time to go inside, but the outside views were rewarding.


Zaragoza 3

Crossing the river to get the most emblematic view of the monastery, we cannot fail to appreciate the beauty of the famous Stone Bridge, another of the city’s ex-libris.


Zaragoza 3
Cathedral 1

Despite being a little in the shadow of the monastery, the Cathedral of the Savior is imposing, much appreciated for the richness of its architecture, begun in the 12th century in the Romanesque style, and completed in the 18th century in the Baroque style.

Interestingly, the tower incorporates remains of the Saragusta mosque’s minaret, which predates the Christian construction.

Zaragoza 4
Cathedral 2

Plaza de España

Plaza de España
Plaza de España

All Spanish cities develop around a Plaza de España (well, in Madrid with the competition of the Plaza Mayor), and here could be no exception.

Unlike most, it’s not the prettiest, although it’s surrounded by some characterful buildings, and a nice central fountain, but it’s a hub of intense activity.

Dom Jaime

Zaragoza 5
Dom Jaime

The siesta is an essential stop after lunch in the south of Spain, and a good opportunity for those who skip shopping to see the most commercial streets.

I took advantage of the opportunity, and the very commercial street Dom Jaime was a delightfully peaceful place.

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