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Zadar – Late arrival, quick visit


A large program is not always a good program. We had in Croatia a large and rich program, but the slightest delay had its consequences. We arrived late to Zadar, and, though having time to see its highlights, everything was too quick and superficial, until the night came to put an end to the visit.

​One of the highlights of Central Croatia, Zadar is a must see, halfway from Rijeka and Split

Standing in an island, if you are not travelling by boat as we did, you may book a ferry in several places, but… don’t miss it.

​Sea Front

Zadar 5

Not so impressive as in TrogirKorcula or Sibenik, the approach by sea is also very interesting, without strongholds protecting the town, but with a very harmonious line of vegetation and buildings, showing that people deal well with the sea in Croatia

Roman Forum

Visiting Zadar

This old roman square is the largest of Roman forums east of Adriatic.

Built by Augustus emperor in the 3rd century, keeps being the centre of most attractions in town, becoming a lively place with the crowds of visitors.

​Most monuments and commerce are established around them.

​St Mary’s church

Visiting Zadar

Still facing the Roman Forum, this church from the 11th century, but enlarged in the 16th, has a long and interesting story.

It was used as a discreet but efficient place to hide religious treasurers, during convulsive times.

We had no time to enter it.

​St Donatus Church

Visiting Zadar

Built in the 8Th century, St Donato church is one of Zadar’s treasures, being, nowadays used to social and musical activities.

​Arriving late, we didn’t enter, so I cannot describe its interior.

​National Square

Visiting Zadar

We arrived late at Zadar, and even with a very quick visit, most monuments were seen at dusk or even at night. It’s a pity!

​For instance, this place, with st Lawrence church, City Hall and the municipal guard headquarters, should have been visited with daylight.

​St Crisogono Church

Visiting Zadar

One of the most remarkable examples of the combination of different monuments in one.

The church was built upon the ruins of an older one, and rebuilt after being bombed in World War 2, in combination with a destroyed benedictine convent in its back.

​Very complex and interesting!

​St Anastasia Church


Located in the Roman Forum, this is the biggest Croatian cathedral, started to built in the 13th century.

​The tower, started in the 15th century was only finished by the end of the 19th.

I recommend Pinija hotel – Without time to test it

Sibenik 2
Sibenik 2
Pinija hotel

We arrived to the hotel very late, and left the next day very early. So, the only things we used were the room and breakfast, both OK. However, it was a pity, since my previous research in internet about the reserved hotels, created very good expectations about this one, and its location.

Address: Petrcane, Zadar, Croatia

Website: Hotel

​ Natural Jam Session by the sea

All tourists (and locals too) must go to the seaside and sit.


Natural Jam Session
Natural Jam Session

Because a local architect (Nicola Basic) constructed a set of large marble steps with holes, where the action of the waves produce musical sounds.

The approach of a boat increases the sound level, that, though absolutely randomized are… interesting

​Now that we have video, I promise I will browse my videos to post the captured sounds of it.

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