Xcaret – 5 healthy and funny hours


Visiting Xcaret

I don’t know if it has accommodations, but we visited Xcaret as a day trip from Cancun.

​It is something easy to reach by car or bus and not to be missed.

Swim with the dolphins

Visiting Xcaret

It’s expensive, but if you don’t book early in the morning, forget it. 

The experience of swimming with the dolphins in a large pool is reserved only for a few visitors, but everybody may watch it. 

Just swim


Xcaret is not exactly a good beach, but it is a wonderful place to swim.

​Protected and safe, it seems a natural pool surrounded by history and amusement.



This is a mixed park, with a little of almost everything to suit all tastes. 

Being mainly an amusement park, nature prevails and history is also present with some historic basic remains.

​At least by the time we were there, because they were still excavating…

Underground rivers

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One of the many optional activities in Xcaret is a swim in the underground rivers. Well, don’t waste your time in that. You will wear a life jacket, dive, and follow the other in a dark and narrow water line, pushing and pulling the people around you.

There’s nothing to see, and only some planned openings in the way provide light enough to soften the adventure.

Na! I would rather stay in daylight, but, with kids… couldn’t escape.


Activities in Xcaret

The park was a paradise for the kids – excellent to swim, the many attractions well integrated with Nature, were a never ending motif for constant discoveries and enthusiasm.

​The day is short, in Xcaret!

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