Eat in Istanbul


Top restaurant Dogatepe restaurant

The best

Perfect location, in the back of Rumeli castle and overlooking the Bosphorus bridge, comfortable room, excellent food and wine, this was, for sure, my best meal in Turkey.

I only don’t know the price, because we were guests, but it couldn’t be cheap.

Address: Sariyer, Dogatepe Parki 4-6

Phone: +90 212 257 0819

Website: Dogatepe

Doubtful impression Yoti bar


What a fun!

It was hard to find a restaurant in the area serving alcohol, and someone indicated Yoti, a club serving meals.

How we laughed!

We descent a staircase following the waiter into a dark room, and from there to an even darker room, where the waiter lightened a candle, allowing us to find the way to one of a few small tables lined against the wall.

We sat in the dark, only with the candle’s light and waited, until the waiter came with a list, impossible to read with that light.

We called the waiter’s attention to that detail, but he answered that there was no problem, since the options were only chicken or lamb.

We choose, and a few minutes later the dishes and drinks came, to be eaten… in the dark.​

We were already used to the candle’s light, and ate without great problems, always laughing about the adventure, when, at the end of the narrow room, another dimmed light was turned on, and three or four people started talking in Turkish.

​We kept on, noisily, until noticing that we could only listen to a woman’s voice, in a group that, in the shade, seemed to have two men.

hat’s when we found that the lady was… reading! Poetry, maybe, but seriously, in the middle of our noisy conversation.

Well, don’t ask me about the dinner – It was not expensive (small portions), but that was not the interesting thing to remember.

Address: Istiklal Cad. , Sadri Al?s?k Sok. 22/A

Positive impression Turkish pub


A pub

My friends “needed” a beer!

I followed them and had my unique beer in Istanbul.

Not cheap (they said, I have no idea about beer prices, even in Portugal…) too big can for me, and a few minutes of relaxation and conversation, in a quiet place.


Directions: İstiklal Caddesi, near Taksim

Positive impression Seker Manti


Regular Food

Fortunately, I was not the only one in our group used to have wine with the meals, and my friends decided to suggest this restaurant, with a reasonably priced bear.

Well, it was a small confusion with ordered dishes, I didn’t eat exactly what I ordered, but it was not bad, served with sympathy with a glass of… wine, they said!

Positive impression Unknown (good) restaurant


First lunch

Many years ago, a few years before starting to write in Virtualtourist (which means… staring to register things), in my first visit to Istanbul, I had a very good lunch south of Topkapi palace overlooking the sea.

I couldn’t identify the large restaurant – in my picture it says “Restaurant Sehir” but I think that “Sehir” is not exactly a name, but something like grill, or any general designation. It stays in the marginal, but I can’t help more than showing its image.

Address: Kennedy caddesi

Doubtful impression Beltur restaurant


Cheap meal

Walking with three ladies, I had to resign to their options, and to stop for lunch in a place that, I must confess, I would never choose if I were “in command”.

Well, I had a fork and knife meal for less than 3 €, drink included.

The only drawback (expected) was… no alcohol. I hate sweet drinks with the meals, and… well Ayran is typical, and not so bad, after all.

Nor sweet!

Address: At Kabatas station

Positive impression Birra manca


“Western” restaurant

I entered this restaurant (as a matter of fact we sat outdoors) led by friends from England and Norway that had been there before… having a beer.The food was reasonable (local food with international presentation), the prices moderate, and it had… beer (I rather had wine – a terrible red wine, soon replaced by a not so poisoning white one)

Address: Cumhuriyet Cad. Gezi Dukkanlari No:2 D:3, Taksim

Doubtful impression Koftehor (?)


To forget – forgotten

In Siçli, really “Out of the beaten path”, I was taken to this restaurant and offered a vegetarian meal.

Well, that’s not exactly my kind of food, it was not awful, but didn’t impress me.

The only thing I remember is the drink – Ayran (reasonable drink out of the meals, acceptable with those things that we eat).

I promise to forget the place.

As a matter of fact, I already did – I couldn’t´t catch what was the real name of the restaurant nor translate the Turkish words for the served food.

I can’t complaint – it was offered, with gentleness, but I don’t imagine the price.

Directions: Siçli

Positive impression Baran 2



A common local restaurant with a practical solution: the food was being prepared at the entrance and we only had to point what we wanted to compose our dishes.

​Tasty food, well presented, not expensive, but… no alcohol.

Address: Divan Yolu Cad. 54/1

I recommend Padrino restaurant


Good food

The only restaurant that we visited in the Asian side, Padrino has a very large room with good presentation.

​The food is also selected, with a careful presentation and service.The only week point in such quality is the absence of alcohol.

​As a guest, I had no idea of the prices, but they couldn’t be cheap!

Address: Iskele Cad 8C, Caddebostan

Phone: +90 216 385 9319

Website: Il Padrino