In Pamukkale

To see Hot springs is the secret.

They dissolve the calcium carbonate, and deposit it further on, creating a white landscape, where terraces retaining the water compose a marvelous landscape.

I don’t know if nature made it all, or had the help of men hands, but the results are fabulous, and men’s contribution, if it happened is to be saluted.

​And what about another hot spring in your hotel pool?

​The Pools


It is a beautiful sight from distance (smaller than expected), the white mountain with the water running slowly downwards.

It is still pretty when you approach, but don’t be mistaken by the usual photos of people in the water: It’s not a bathing area.

The crowds follow the course of the water, here and there put their feet in a small natural pool, and it’s done.

​Anyway, with all those people it couldn’t be otherwise.