Castilla-La Mancha in general


To see Very rich in Spanish history and literature, the centre of Spain is less visited than the coast, but that’s really unfair. Around Madrid there are lots of excellent attractions, with Toledo and Cuenca topping it.

Travelling circumstances made me have also know Albacete and a few more remote and discreet places, as Roda, Torrijos or Chinchilla.



Only a brief stop in the way from Cuenca to the beach and… it was all.

​I enjoyed it, but I keep thinking that Albacete is not a must see or go.



European Capital of Culture in 2016, Cuenca is a precious city, combining nature and history.

​Dramatic canyons with medieval houses, everything very well preserved and protected it is a very interesting and easy visit.



After a first and brief visit many years ago, Toledo was a city where I always wanted to return.

Several times postponed, the second visit took place moths ago, and though not so deep as desired, served to remember most of the forgotten images, and do add some new.

Extremely rich and beautiful, it convinced me – there will be a third visit, I only don’t know when.