Visiting Srednja Vas

To see No, Srednja Vas was not in my plans to Slovenia, and I doubt that I would ever ear about it if my GPS didn’t get mad, approaching the lake.

It sent us to a dead end, in a narrow and frightening path late in the night.

However, while turning back we noticed that it could be pretty by daylight, and Fernanda forced me to “get lost” again (flowers oblige!).

I did it, and really appreciated the village – very nice and… unexpected.  It was a clever idea.

Beautiful village

Srednja Vas

Srednja Vas

The first passage was by mistake, but in the second day we returned willing to confirm the good image suggested in the shades of the night.

The village is small, steep, with narrow roads, but submerged in flowers it looks very nice.

This was Fernanda’s day with the camera…

St Martin church


Church of Srednja Vas

Built in the 18th century in location of an older church, this Baroque building atop a hill is the the main reference in Srednja Vas.

​It has an organ from 1830 and some paintings by famous Slovenian painters.



Fernanda was running all over the place, from flower to flower, trying to discover the nicest house, the most colorful rank of flowers.

I stood smiling by the car, and noticed the surprise of a local with all the excitement. I saluted him, and in a brief and pleasant conversation discovered that he had been in Portugal, with extraordinary memories about… Nazaré.

Yes, that beach 20 kilometers from my home, and that, for more than 60 years I treat as… my beach.

​Yes! The world is small! But large enough for millions of flowers. Excellent!