Moving in Ljubljana


Transports ​Free walking tours


I decided to join one of the advertised “free walking tours” starting in front of Franciscan church.

Well, it is a somewhat long experience in a short area, with many larges stops to explain some arguable details.

It was only two hours and I didn’t stay until the end – a polite excuse, a discreet tip sliding to the guides hand, and I moved away, in my quicker rhythm.

A few things, however, I kept from that visit: ​​

The story of Julia Primic, the description of St Nicholas church, the confirmation that Ljubljana is so easy to visit that we may easily do it by ourselves and that I didn’t miss any of the city’s highlights. However, for someone without a book guide and any preparation these tours are a very good way to start the visit.

​Boat tours


The views to the river are very beautiful.

From the river… we don’t know, because we skipped the boat ride.

However, if we knew what I know now, maybe we should have tried – the tourist office provides FREE boat rides.

​Why not then?

Website: Ljubljana info




The people of Ljubljana adhered to bicycle as a good transport in town.

The city is plane, and though wit a good structure of public transport, claiming that all trips in town will last less than half an hour, the bicycle is common used all over the plane town, leaving them at the entrance of shops without any kind of safety precautions.

Tourists may use it too, with several renting points where you may book a bike for 5 € a day.

​There are guided bike tours.