Costa Algarvia

I recommendCentral and good

We had dinner in the esplanade, noticing the facilities shown by the owner getting space – all the tables were occupied, but, since we didn’t want to eat inside (no one wanted, in that hot night) he quickly moved a couple of tables and a few chairs outside to sit us. The situation repeated with more groups, until there were no more tables inside, and the esplanade almost doubled the original size.

The service was very slow; a few customers near us complained, and we got the explanation – the computer was crashing often. We were forced to wait until midnight for someone arriving by bus, and the problem didn’t bother us too much.The food was very good. We were five, choose five different dishes, and everybody appreciated his choice. The price was also acceptable.

Address: R Dr Francisco Gomes 13-19, Close to the harbor, in pedestrian area.

Phone: 289 823 333