Activities in Albufeira

To do “Reveillon”

Most people gather in Albufeira for New Year’s eve.

Some of them prefer to stay in the hotels. That´s what we did, in Hotel Paraíso de Albufeira.

Several options, several levels of price, but no one stays at home in that night, and for those who can’t afford the high prices of the hotels, it’s usual to have a public party in Pescadores beach.

​Fortune Tellers


If you have any doubt about how much the world needs to learn and to progress, just think how many thousand people still do live in it from some odd professions.

Do you want to know your future? Don’t worry, come to me, show me your hand (or foot, or elbow, or credit card), and I will tell you everything you want to hear. I’m a fabulous guy! I can guess everything, but I don’t want to win the lotto. I leave it for you. See? Am I unique or not?

PS I may work in Albufeira or anywhere else, and you need not to thank, just don’t forget to pay my “symbolic” fee.

​Stroll in the freshness


If you have no specific program, a good idea is walking around in the centre of Albufeira: each bar and restaurant have their performance, with live music to attract clients to sit.

Street animation is sometimes fun, and… everybody goes there, with the centre and the so called “strip area” always crowded.​