Living Arrouquelas


To see Quinta da Badula, a friend’s winery. made me know Arrouquelas (where I accidentally passed a couple of years before), and keeps inviting me each year. I had to visit the village, one day, take a few photos, but the great experience of wine harvesting keeps being the reason that leads me there each September.

​Nossa Senhora da Encarnação

The most interesting building in Arrouquelas is this church, that, though being built in the beginning of the 20th century has a sun clock dated from 1869, and some tiles from the 17th century (brought from… ?).



I had no contact (yet) with the local cultural and recreational association, but enjoyed their pavilion – the bell is quite unusual out of churches’ bell towers.

​Health Centre


A small and typical house, well decorated, was used to install the local health centre.

​That was a surprise for me, knowing the problems in my home town to find a solution for that need (I describe it in “Monument to incompetence” a tip in my Turquel page.