Visiting Almeirim

To see Wine, bulls, soup and… dance

Almeirim is, for a Portuguese, almost a synonym of bullfight or wine.

A few years ago, a restaurant (I will write about it) invented a strong soup, and that became the third common reference in Almeirim.

​It is a small city that cultivates tradition with the pride of “campinos”, the Portuguese cowboys that raise the wild bulls around town.



It is not the brightest achievement of man, torturing a beast for the pleasure of the public, but many appreciate the courage and knowledge needed to take the risks.

As one of the most important areas raising cattle, Almeirim has frequent bullfights, attracting thousands, from all the country (and tourists, also).

​Bullfight is a tradition and culture hesitates between conserving or banning it. Meanwhile, it’s up to you to decide to watch the show, or just the bullring (my personal option, I must admit!)