Sintra restaurants

Doubtful impression A Taverna – Doubtful impression

A bad start (Tito wanted “migas” with is stake and got the answer that “migas” could only be combined with entrecôte… why?), continued with the disputed “migas” (that I ordered with… entrecôte) and that were more “açorda” than “migas” (after two weeks in Portugal you will be prepared to understand the difference).

After that, everything went well – the other dishes were approved, and lunch was good – until the end: credit card was out of work, what forced me to go to a close ATM machine.

Address: Escadinhas do Teixeira, 3

Sintra – Bristol

Positive impression ​Cheap and well placed

I can’t say much about this restaurant, because I only had there a quick meal. The general idea was positive: the service was fast and gentle (I went late and there were only a few clients). Some starters (the cheese was very appealing, but I’m above 60…), the house wine was good, I ordered grilled sausages that were well served, and after coffee, I paid less than 10 €, however, the average price rounds 15 €.

That’s a restaurant that deserves a second visit, to check a more elaborated dish.

Address: Rua Visconde de Monserrate. 16 – 22

Phone: 219233438