Eat in Lourinhã


Positive impression Severianos

​Expressly for banquets 

I used this restaurant for a meeting with the people that has been with me in the war, in Angola. I must confess that I didn’t pay much attention to the meal, but I remember a very good fish, a regular meat, and a very good unbranded wine.

Appetizers and dessert were common, the room was comfortable, the service was nice and efficient, and the price… a surprise: our local friend had arranged things to pay all the bills.

Directions: In the road to Lisbon

Website: Severianos

I recommend O Chafariz

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Img 20180910 150338

Excellent meal

We had in mind share the lunch with our grandson, so, we read the menu, asking him what he would like to eat. “Alheira” he sad, but no one of us wanted it, but I saw “Alheira” listed in the starters, so we ordered it, along with mushrooms, expecting too small dishes, as commonly.

As regular meal Fernanda choose “Pataniscas” of octopus (first time that we saw it), and I ordered meat skewer to share with the boy after the small portion of alheira.

Well, the small expected portion of alheira was a full alheira, as the small portion of mushrooms was a large dish with delicious mushrooms.
The “pataniscas” came with a very, very tasteful tomato rice, and the meat was common.

For this largely served and well done lunch we paid less than forty euros… Excellent! 

Address: R. de Angola 31          Phone:+351  934 325 821