Lisbon in winter


Useful64  Someone asked me advice for a nine days visit to Lisbon in winter, and I think that it will be useful to post it here.

Despite Lisbon being always a must see, nine days  in winter, may be two much (three or four will do – I will not repeat any of the many suggestions in these pages), but you may travel around (a car will​ be the best way):

Reserve at least one day to SintraEriceira (Seafood lunch), MafraCascais, and Estoril.

Do a full day trip to BatalhaAlcobaçaNazaré (caldeirada for lunch), and Óbidos (if you missed it you may stop in Mafra in your return).

Another full day to Évora and Monsaraz.

The mentioned suggestions are “must see” – they are wonderful all year around, and most of them not too compromised by eventual bad weather.

With time, you may also travel one day to Ribatejo – Tomar is great, and Santarém also interesting, and/or another day to Sesimbra and Arrábida (this in a clear dry day).

​ Thousands of Portuguese head south to Algarve in New year’s eve. If you want action that’s the place, two hours driving from Lisbon.