Shopping in Lisbon

Shopping El Corte Ingles

Spanish Invasion

The biggest Spanish chain conquered Lisbon. With the best accessibility among all the greater shopping malls (central location and Metro) this is an easy place to shop. Prices are not very cheap, but diversity in quality and brands, and the integration of space are the strongest arguments. I must confess that, till now, I was forced to spend there 0.35%* of my life, and Fernanda is not giving up!

* Raised to 0.43% in 2017

Directions: Where av. António Augusto de Aguiar, Marquês da Fronteira and Sidónio Pais meet.

Phone: 213 711 700

Website: Corte Ingles

​​Vasco da Gama​


​Is it the shopping mall part of the train station or is it exactly the opposite?

I think that neither one answer nor the other.

They are two independent structures, conceived to work together as good neighbors, and they do, in an absolute harmony, sharing the leadership of Expo 98 most frequented place.

Don’t expect me to waste my time describing it – it is a large collection of the same shops in all the other big malls in Portugal and in the world.

The only differences are the architecture and the languages of the sellers.

​One single question:

​Why do they forbid pictures inside?



First one

The first big mall in Lisbon and the most central of them all, (though having been over sized by the newest ones), this mall continues to be one of the favorite shopping centers of Lisbon.

Furthermore, its “risky” architecture still feeds many discussions among the specialists.

​Its weakest point is the great distance to the closest Metro station.