Visiting Estoril

To see Generally included in the visit of Lisbon, Estoril has its own attractions, topped by the oldest Casino in Lisbon’s area, and some good and calm beaches.

​Together with Cascais, this is the residential area preferred by foreigners

Dominated by the Casino


A few kilometers from Cascais, Estoril has the same style, with a single difference – the Casino.

However, all the place deserves to be visited, with the beautiful palaces lining the coast, crowded in summer, strangely quiet most of the winter days.



It was a long time, since my last visit to Tamariz, in Estoril, a beach with good memories from my youth.

However, the new sights worried me a bit: the coast and town keeps well maintained (maybe better) but the sand in the beach has disappeared, having now half of the width and length of the old days.

​Winter occasional action, or consistent degradation, Tamariz keeps sharing with “Torre” the top of my favorite beaches in Lisbon’s coast (and I skip the Casino!).

In the most beaten path


Not much people remarks the look of the train station, but it is a very curious construction.

Dating from the end of the 19th century, it is very near the beach.

​Funny thing – I couldn’t find anything written about it!