Afonso’s Adventure


In Turquel, something like this is being born, as if… like this!

It looks like a wine cellar!

Afonso’s place 1

It is not.
There is much more than the thousands of bottles of wine, port, brandy and whiskey, almost all with white hair, filling every corner of dozens of displays and shelves.
Boxed there are hundreds of copies, some unique, of pyrograved bottles, exotic glasses (some with political motifs) and other antiques waiting to be displayed.

Maybe a museum!

Afonso’s place 2

Yes, that’s closer, leading Mário Rui to suggest the name “Garrafeira-Museum” for that space. It seems appropriate, but Afonso Carvalho still hasn’t decided, and he continues to work hard and with good taste, in the organization and expansion of the exhibition.

Meanwhile, he invites friends and acquaintances to see and give an opinion, and interestingly, each visit can represent a loss in the collection, while he explains that nothing is for sale, but everything may be sold.

Simple and clear.

Let’s wait for the opening of the “Garrafeira-Museum”.
Or the “Vine Bookseller”?
Or the “Páteo do Afonso”?
Or the “Bacchus Archive”?
I will provisionally call it “Afonso’s adventure”