Positive impression Great surprise

Needing a quick lunch I entered the closest restaurant, thinking by the external look that it would be just one more pizzeria.


This restaurant, located in the modern area of town, almost in the outskirts of it, was a very good surprise.

Sitting in a pleasant room, we received the printed menu, and a handwritten sheet, mentioning six or seven “dishes of the day” which use to mean ready to serve, or almost. It was the fastest solution, and all the mentioned dishes were interesting, so I didn’t even open the formal menu.

​Fernanda choose codfish, and I preferred a steak with mushrooms. To drink, Fernanda ordered a soft drink, and I demanded a branded small bottle of wine. The waiter suggested me the cheaper “vinho da casa”, and brought me a glass of it, to taste. It was good, so I changed, and she brought another and larger (very large, indeed!) glass of wine, leaving the other in the table.

The food (plenty of it) came in few minutes, and it was well presented and tasty.

Fernanda had a dessert, we both had a coffee, and, in about half an hour we had a very good lunch.

The price?

Well… that was the best surprise: we paid 16.20 €. Both! Less than 9 € for each lunch! Unbelievable!

Address: R Ourém                    Website: Rossini