Motel S. Jorge

Positive impression Handy motel in Batalha

Good looking

I never slept in this hotel (28 km from my bed) but I visit it frequently,

It is chosen by sellers to display their articles, in a good room available at the entrance, and I use to spend there a couple of hours each year, while my wife browses the fashion collections.

​I like what I see – a well maintained space, with a few small blocks spreading in the garden around the pool.

The sellers enhance the ratio price-quality, and keep using it each year.

​My visits are always out of season, and calm and evident cleanliness are, maybe, a circunstancial image, but, I repeat, I like it, and the monastery is less than one kilometer distant,

Address: IC2 just south of Batalha


Phone: +351 244 769 710

​Website: Motel