Visiting Santorini

To see My agent offered me a cheap plan for a week in Athens and another in Samos.

Noticing that Samos is not the best island I made him split this week to include Santorini and Mykonos.

​Wise idea! Santorini is fabulous, and the kids will never forget the trip to the volcano.

Thira – The small bigger town


Perched on the cliffs, overlooking the sea, the town of Fira shares with the Parthenon the fame of the best known images of Greece.

The city is a show, with a climax at the sunset. Its narrow streets have some commerce tourist oriented.

Oia – The older


Hanging at the edge of the caldera, there’s a village that we didn’t visit, that seems to be the oldest in the island.

We only had the opportunity to see it from below, verifying that verifying that the slope is so abrupt, that no link between land and sea seems possible

Kamari beach


A very good swim, with a great surprise – no sand. No sand, but no rocks, too.

The soil is so compact that we felt like in a tarmac surface – smooth but extremely hard.

With a great surf, that could be dangerous, but we found a calm sea, and everything was safe.

A ride in the caldera


Climbing the volcano


Spa in the sea