Memories of Mykonos

​​ Personal memories Perseverance

I cannot forget the great experience that was our lunch in Kalu Livadi beach. Passing the film from VHS to digital I reviewed some more images, and from them I tried again to identify the restaurant.

No doubt – It is Solymar rather spanish name for a rather good greek lunch.

Address: Kalu Livadi beach

Running for food


We arrived to the hotel there about 10PM, and there was no chance to eat.

We were advised to look in the nearby village, but “they should be closing” . We literally ran out the hotel, kept running uphill with the children by hand, in a dark, strange (and ugly as we confirmed by morning) to, by chance, find a small popular bar that could only delay closing a few more minutes to serve us souflaki.

A few small wraps with souflaky served to feed the children and to disguise the hunger of the adults.

Next day lunch would compensate… 

Whitewashed streets