Memories of Nancy

Personal memories A new wonder

After several days in Nancy, I couldn’t decide what would be the most spectacular time to see Stanislas square: day or night?

A perfect illumination, and the relief won by Town Hall under the lights are responsible for the doubt.

​Maybe at night…

Or by day…But at night.

​Please, clean the cathedral


Black signs of pollution, large stains in the interior, and a general idea of… poverty.

The contrast with the well maintained city suggests that a quick intervention is needed.

It should be done by now, but… I don’t know.

​Any news?



We know that Nancy is a landmark in arts, but we were not expecting to see painters around, as seen in Paris.

For our surprise, it happened in the garden called “La Pepiniere”. A very old man (almost two hundred years old) approached us, identifying himself as Claude Oscar Monet (never heard!), and asking permission to paint us.

​We had no much time, and posing under the rain was not the best idea, so we turned our back and tried to move away.

​He insisted and in a couple of strokes painted something. Na! I think that Monet has no future! Do you agree?