Hotels in Nancy

Positive impression Hotel Ibis

As needed

Just across the street from the station (with the evident advantages concerning scheduling and luggage), and close to Stanislas door, the hotel is unexpectedly silent and quiet.

​The rooms are small but with all the essential and a fully working bathroom. The breakfast is a continental buffet, very basic but… cheap.Since we were not supposed to stay in the hotel more than the sleeping time, it filled perfectly our needs. PS – There is no internet for the clients, but, when I needed it, the receptionist used her computer and kindly helped me to find what I needed. OK!

Address: 3 Rue Crampel, 54000 Nancy

Hotel des Prélats


Nice Facade

No, I didn’t stay there, however, watching its superb integration with the cathedral, and the way its facade brings personality to the square, I kept it in my mind.

​Of course, facades are not the most important thing in hotels, but… if the inside matches the outside…

Address: By the Cathedral


Browsing, I found not only a good photo, but also the information that it is a three star hotel, far from the range of prices that I imagined by its image and location.

OK, it is affordable, and in my next visit I will check it