Visit to Korcula


To see Accessible from several points, this fantastic island is a must see, forbidden to miss.Korcula is a place to visit and to go, or a place to stay and…to rest.

​​Maybe the most cozy place we visited in Croatia, this small town has something special that captivates the visitors. The slow rhythms of life, the omnipresence of the sea, and the fondness to its history make a positive blending that remains in our memories when leaving.

​​The Island


As you approach the harbor, the forested coast starts showing some spreading houses, giving life to the island, and, with their modern architecture, creating the contrast that “explodes” before you, when the boat circles the remaining towers of the old town. Very nice view from the sea!

​​Old Town


It’s easy and a pleasant experience to walk across the old town.

​The area is small, almost flat, the narrow streets provide good shadows, and the interesting details are everywhere.

​Saint-Marc Cathedral


Dominating the old town, this church from the XVI century, combining gothic and renaissance elements, hosts works from Tintoretto and Bonino da Milano.

​One interesting detail is the Saint-Roch chapel, built one century after the church but very well integrated.

​​Venetian buildings


Differently from other places in Croatia, here the history seems to have passed without big conflicts.

The great influence is from Venice, and we saw no mixed styles, nor the signs of making and remaking that impressed me in Zadar and Split, for instance.

​The place evokes tranquility and calm.

​Marco Polo’s house


One of the highlights of the island is the house where Marco Polo seems to have lived.

For the moment it is only a ruin, with the recuperation works disturbed by the flocks of tourists that constantly invade the place.

​So far, nothing in particular to see, just a detail in the walk across the small city.

​​The Fortress


The ramparts were destroyed in the 19th century, but some towers and doors survived, contributing for the magical beauty of the site. Don’t miss the small beach opposite to the harbour, not far from it.