A visit to Hvar

​​To see Arranged coastline

Having no real beaches (at least at our sight), and with inviting waters, the artificial building of diving spots is the solution. Hvar seems to have good solutions, inviting lots of swimmers and embellishing the coastline, but we didn’t see much.

Website: Hvar

​​The Town


Embracing the small port, the town seems to have not suffered the convulsions noticed in most of Croatian places.

​The dominating architecture is clearly venetian style, and history is not mixed and shuffled as in other towns.

It gives a sensation of calm and tranquility, and, maybe, that’s the point that makes people appreciate so much the holidays there, as my kids did.

​​Wide square


Not too common in the old cities of Croatian islands, this square is large, becoming the centre of all touristic activity.

Shops and restaurants occupy the houses around it, with the cathedral closing its top.

Narrow and winding street lead to upper city, with people always leaving and returning to this inevitable meeting point.

​The Cathedral


Dominating a large square (the biggest that we saw in Croatia) with a strong venetian look, this church comes from the 16th century, and it is the most remarkable building in town, noticeable immediately from the boat.

​Built in location of a 6th century chapel, it contains elements from the 14th to the 17th century.

​Gate to the Harbor


Standing in front of the harbor, this small islands protect it, and enrich the views from the fortress.

​Being short in time we didn’t go there, and, for what I read, I think that we didn’t miss anything important. The several small islands, spreading along about 10 km, are, mainly, a destination to bath in the wild, and to dive in crystal waters, something out of our plans.

Website: http://Pakleni Islands Hvar

​​The challenge


You are in town, looking up, imagining the views from the top, feeling hot in the sun, hesitating… let’s go.

​It’s hard to climb under the sun, but not far, and the views justify the sacrifice.