Plat hotel

I recommend Plat complex

Not Far and reasonable

Plat is located a few kilometers south of Dubrovnik. To protect the landscape, the hotel was split in several small buildings uphill. Considering that the pool and restaurant were some meters above sea level, the reception some meters above them, block Anita higher, Block Barbara… (uff… let me rest a while!) still higher, and you still have to climb to block Celia from where block Diana (3 floors, OURS the second) is only some more degrees up… No elevator! What a clever way to spare money in the gymnasium. Fernanda succeeded climbing up all the needed times, but didn’t risk to go down to the beach. However, after all the exercise everybody slept well.

Good Hotel Animation


Staying a few kilometers from town, in a quiet area, this hotel needed to care the animation, and they did it.

In the couple of nights that we spent there, we had good musical performance and live music to dance.

​Going to town for the night is always an alternative, and the hotel has a convenient shuttle.

Unique Qualities: Good pool with great views

Address: Plat Bb, 20207