Memories of Dubai

Personal memories Real city


I enjoyed very much the brief visit of the old city – smart recovering, unusual cleanliness, but the real image of what was Dubai before the petrodollars explosion. 

The quarter around the museum must be visited out of peak season, to allow a little walking in the streets.



Nationalities, cultures, styles, everything is mixing in Dubai.

To attract people is the goal, and everybody searching for an opportunity may have his chance.

​Construction grows everywhere, the balance between tradition and modernity is seriously compromised. 

I don’t really know if the Dubai that I left was the same that I met two weeks before, or something different.

I don’t know if I can recognize Dubai if and when I will visit again.

​Discreet quarters


In a city where everything needs to be the bigger, the most outstanding, the most expensive, it’s possible to see some quarters in construction (of course!) but… out of context. 

They are modest, though carefully planned with interesting architecture. 

Already aiming to middle price segment???



Do you believe that, sometimes, I was the one heading to the malls?

​Fernanda was surprised, but the fifty someting Celsius degress outside, pushed me into the air-conditioned. 

Which one is the best? Well… that’s a problem – all big, all with outstanding architecture, all with the same (expensive) shops and brands, all… so cool!



1,2,3,4,5,6,7 racks in this shop. Thirty six shops to come.

My God!
What am I going to do in the next 7 hours ?

Or… am I being optimist? Eight? Nine?


​Missed Mall


This was my only victory: twice we passed in front of Mercatto, and twice I escaped! 

Please don’t tell anything to Fernanda, otherwise I may be asked to start immediately planning a second visit. I was kidding, of course!Honestly, I have problems in my conscience:Does it have a Zara and an H&M or not? And Mango? Is it big or small? And…

Oh my God! How am I going to sleep?