A week in Phuket

Personal memories Pleasant Trip

More than the highlights where you will be conducted (James Bond Island and Floating Village) all the way in the bay is a succession of beautiful cliffs, rocks and caves.I don’t know if it happens in all circuits, but we were taken for a long trip, with a brake for lunch in the floating village.Then a heavy rain appeared, making everybody fear for the long way back.

​The funny is that the village was so close to the starting point, that in a couple of minutes, we were well protected from the rain.

​Water sports


OK, OK, Tito.
You may rent the jet ski.

​It is not cheap for local standards, but, we know, tourists will always be expected to accept exceptional fares everywhere, and we did.

​Horacio! Come down at once!


Uh!… I mean… Come down as slow as you can!

He did!

​His first (and last, as far as I know) paragliding experience was safe, not too expensive, and I envy the sights that he had from the air.