India’s priority

Jaipur by solopes


Transport For a western visitor, used to give priority to his right, with signposted exceptions, it’s hard to understand traffic in India, but things do work there, and after some days you’ll be able to understand the complex order of priority, that goes like this:

1 – The cow (absolute and divine priority)
2 – The elephant (almost like it)
3 – The camel
4 – The heaviest truck
5 – The other trucks
6 – Cars
7 – Wagons, carts, rickshaws
8 – Bikes
9 – People
10 – All other animals except pigs
11 – Pigs

Chicken don’t count, and the order from 4 to 6 may be reversed by the use of the horns, or, stronger than that, light signals.

​Good luck, and enjoy, it’s really an emotion, but I must admit that, in two weeks, I only saw two accidents and two dead cows.