Memories of Macao

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The density of construction is high, in Macao, and the green areas are small. However, they are well kept and distributed, allowing a balanced look that disguises the extensive occupation of the soil. 

Even in the gardens, a Portuguese hand is still visible.



Eastern Vegas, they say! 

However, there’s a small difference – while Las Vegas grew in the desert from nothing, Chinese Vegas is growing in a small and very populated city, with a personality and history to preserve. 

Where will gambling lead Macao to? What will last in the end?


And gambling, and gambling…

In my university time I shared one students’ residential with colleges from overseas, some of them from Macao. I was surprised by the coincidence that they all were gambling fanatics. Later on I read that it was a Chinese tradition, and Macao is a remarkable confirmation. 



Only an odd border, Portuguese heritage and strong bureaucracy separates Souzhou from Macao.

One day they will become one, as fisically they already are.

​Maybe, that day, it will be interesting to compare the evolution due to centuries of different cultural influence side by side, in the same people, but today, crossing the line demands the time that we hadn’t.