Eating in Hong Kong

I recommend ​Beaches: By the sea

A good meal at a very reasonable price!

Maybe because it was raining, there weren’t many clients around, and we could choose a table just facing the sea, with a breeze cooling the place. 

The service was gentle and discreet, and the fish served with french fries was fresh and well done.

Address: Stanley Market

Positive impression Cafe Deco: Lunch at the Peak


We had lunch in the peak complex, and trying to escape fast food (that I hate) we went to Cafe Deco. 

We had a reasonable lunch, not too priced, with the impressive views at our side, across the large windows. 

Favorite Dish: Ice cream was a very good desert

Address: Level 1 and 2, Peak Galleria, 118 Peak Road

Doubtful impression Wildfire: Not as expected


I was forced to have dinner in the airport, with lots of time to pick the best place, and used it meandering around the several restaurants, reading menus, trying to choose “the right” meal.

That’s when I saw, at the entrance of one of them… a giant bottle of Portuguese “Porca de Murça” wine. “Portuguese” and “wine” were two words suggesting that it would be THE place.

Wrong! It was an Indonesian restaurant, with no wine at all.

Just in front, a Chinese restaurant… could do. But the views of the dead chicken and geese hanging at the entrance dismissed Fernanda.Some more few steps, and… a western restaurant, with Portuguese names in the menu, and… wine. That SHOULD be the place.

That was the place.

Well, the food (reasonable) had nothing to do with Portugal, and the wine…was only a reference in the menu – in a restaurant that couldn’t sell any kind of alcohol.

The waiter suggested her costumers’ usual solution: descend to the market downstairs, to buy a beer, and bring it to the table.

I followed the advice (not beer, but… wine) and had a dinner soon forgotten.

YES! Airports are not the best idea for a good dinner!