Memories of Hong Kong

Personal memories ​Incense Spirals

The Chinese use of burning incense in the temples, filling them with smoke that pushes Fernanda quickly out, is done in Man Mo temple in a special way, with dozens of spirals hanging over your head, and slowly releasing the smoke and smell from their extremities. 

“Arraial” is a Portuguese word without an exact translation that defines the festive look of the whole.

If it wasn’t the rain…


I know that three days in Hong Kong would leave not much time for the beach, but I always thought that, at least one hour would be found to a quick swim. 

No! The weather didn’t allow it, and we used the saved time (would you believe?)… shopping.

​A Riddle


Now a riddle: 

Who can guess what do we find in Victoria Peak, besides gorgeous views?

No one got the answer!
Do you give up?

Ok, this is the solution:

A Shopping Mall

At last! A Shopping Mall in Hong Kong!



“Cacilhas” is an harbor in Tejo river, facing Lisbon. 

For those who knew Lisbon before the construction of the first bridge, Cacilhas was… the other side of the world, a world of hard work, hard conditions, but the charm of the adventurous crossing in a “Cacilheiro”, the generic name given to the boats and ferries used as the only solution available to cross.

The bridge reduced the importance and use of the “Cacilheiros”, but they keep on working, and going to Cacilhas to drink a “Ginginha” is a tradition known by many Lisbon inhabitants.

Now you may understand (and allow) my discreet smile when I saw a “Cacilheiro” in Hong Kong. 

Signs of the connection to Macao, of course, but… what about a Ginginha?