Shopping in Guilin


Shopping South Pearls Museum



The word came to my mind, but didn’t reach the mouth, when we were received by 5 elegant girls, modeling… pearls.

A rational analysis gave me some tranquility:” I’m with Americans, so, THIS TIME, someone else will pay the show. I will escape!”

Pure illusion! THAT necklace was… inevitable.

Hope again: the employee, in her diligence to sell the necklace, broke its lock. She tried to replace it, but she had no one similar. The closer alternatives were so expensive that even Fernanda refused to buy.

And the miracle happened: I came out of the pearl museum without having to buy anything.

PS – I was planning, upon arriving to Portugal, to go to Fatima and light a candle to celebrate the miracle. I didn’t know that Fernanda was carrying a heavy weight in her conscience for not respecting the sacred commandment: BUY. Next day… the airport… the free shop… pearls…

Damn! The candle would be cheaper!

What to buy: Pearls

What to pay: Too much for my taste

Address: 12 TaoHuaJiang Road, Guilin

Phone: 0773-2897660-059