Monument valley

Transports Fly to Grand Canyon and Monument Valley

For a Portuguese, used to have everything close to his door, driving those many hundred kilometers along the desert would be hard work, not holidays.

That’s why, saving some money in Las Vegas, we made it by air, with great advantages.

It’s expensive? Maybe. But… it was our casino.We booked from Portugal a Scenic Airlines 2 overnight flight from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon,with a return flight from there to Monument Valley.

Everything went perfectly, with no rush or lost time, only the rain hampering a little.

Landing runway


I made the war in Angola, and there, I felt the sensation of landing and taking off using improvised runways in compacted earth. 

For Fernanda, however, it has been her first situation of landing with no sights of tarmac. It was absolutely safe, but different. And at the end of the runway, there we had the tarmac, to protect us from dust, when stepping out of the plane. 

​A funny experience, anyway.