Gambling and… business

Personal memories ​How we did gamble in Vegas

Las Vegas is built to “call your money”.

No matter where you are, you will be listening to the music of coins dropping from electronic machines, amidst other appellative sounds inviting you to risk.

Wherever you go, you will see people betting that “that” machine will be the one to supply the dreamed fortune.

Whatever you see, everything is planned to surround you with the euphoria that disables cautions and controls.

It is possible to enjoy Las Vegas – you just have to understand the city and be prepared to it.

Gambling is no crime, nor necessarily the way to disgrace. You just have to control yourself.

Everything in gambling places all over the world is prepared to, at the end of a large time, define a winner, and only one – the owner.

The machines are programmed to give back only one percentage of the received coins, in a random plan – if it happens that you are there in the happy moment, then… congratulations. If you spend much time (and money) trying to increase the chances to be the one in the right place in the right moment, then you risk to be one of the thousands supplying the coins, that, one day, will give happiness to a stranger in a close machine.​
In all other games, statistics favor the house, which means that regular players are obvious regular losers.

So, why to gamble?

Why to dive? Why to climb mountains? Why to paragliding? Why to skate?

Because it is fun, and stimulates adrenaline. So does gambling, so there is no reason to refuse to, one day, without any illusion and with full emotional control, spend some minutes… gambling.

That’s what we did.

We decided that, each day, we would spend a defined amount gambling, and we did. Without hassle, without anxiety, when we saw (or listen) to a funny machine, we risked one or two coins, and moved away. Once reaching the defined budget, gambling was over. If, returning to the hotel, we still had free budget, it was used (quickly) in the hotel’s machines.

We both gambled each day, and no one spent a dime more than planned before starting. It was fun… and not expensive

​Collecting cards


I collect stamps, coins and postcards. In Las Vegas I almost decided to start a new collection – girl’s cards.

Each minute, in each corner, discreetly, a guy slipped to my hand a card with a beautiful woman as naked as allowed, with friendly suggestions.

In a couple of nights, with full pockets, I only received five repetitions – 4 blonds and one oriental.

​Who wants to exchange?